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Omar R. ~Queens N.Y.

“ It really works… healthier beard and scalp already, thanks”


Charlotte B. ~ Brooklyn , N.Y.

“I’m in love with it! I carry it in my bag…”


Shante T. ~New York, N.Y.

“ seems to be growing and getting stronger as well…”


Samantha T. ~ Brooklyn N.Y.

“idk if it’s my head playing tricks or my edges seem to be growing!!””


Ronald W.  ~ New York, N.Y.

“After a long day at work I look forward to rubbing the oil on my feet so it can soothe it… also great for eliminating odor.”


Dominique W.~            Far Rockaway N.Y.

“Love the hair oil. I can definitely see the difference”


Seydi K. ~Missouri

“The oil works very well on my daughters hair.. And her mom likes  it “



Sabina C ~ Peekskill, NY

“I really love the lip balm. The lotions are great, I think I will be ordering more and promoting your products.”


Monica B ~ New York, New York

“My hand cream is the S#!+… the salt scrub is good also”


Brandon S. ~ Brooklyn, NY

“It taste good. I love it. Lol” –lip balm