Image of Traditional Ancestral African Black Soap Cube 9-15 oz

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Traditional Ancestral African Black Soap Cube 9-15 oz


This ancestral Black Soap is hand made in Ghana, Africa using the same method and recipe that has been passed down for many generations. Created and perfected by our ancestors.

It is made using the ash of locally grown plants. The most commonly used plants are palm ashes, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skin ashes or shea bark ash.

Also known as Dudu-Osun, traditional African Black Soap is the most purest form of soap. It doesn't rely on harmful ingredients such as lye to be processed like modern soap recipes.

This Black Soap is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and has antibacterial properties to help treat many skin conditions, including

•acne breakouts
•dry skin
•stretch marks
•dark marks (from acne, rashes)
•and much more

Be sure to stock up on this beauty staple!

*Please note*
The Black Soap Bar is approximately 3-5oz

The Black Soap cube is equivalent to 3-4 Black Soap bars (9-15oz)

The Black Soap Block is equivalent to 3 cubes (9-12 bars) - (27-36oz)

The Black Soap 10 pound block can easily make 50-75 bars