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The Amazing Crystal Deodorant Stone

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The Amazing Crystal Deodorant Stone

• Hypoallergenic
• Paraben Free
• Aluminum Free
• Fragrance Free
• Eliminates odor causing bacteria
• Non Staining
• Non sticky
• No White Residue
• Unisex
• Last more than 1 year of daily use
• Vegan
• Works Great for Foot Odors

This AMAZING DEODORANT STONE is made of Natural Mineral Salts that are known to eliminate odor causing bacteria. It is free of every chemical including Aluminum Chlorohydrate (which is known to cause cancer) that is normally found in big brand deodorants.

This can also be used to get rid of other body odors such as foot odor.

Simple Directions:
Wet the stone and rub generously over the entire underarm area. For best coverage be sure to apply thoroughly. This will create a protective barrier to eliminate odor causing bacteria. After applying, dab off excess water from the stone.

Ingredients: Natural Mineral Salts (ammonium alum sulfate)

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