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Sapphire Temporary Hair Glow Color System

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Sapphire Temporary Hair Glow Color System

Don't be fooled. This color does not appear as vibrant once applied and settled in the hair. It gives off nice beautiful hints of blue especially in the sun!

Our all natural water based Temporary Hair Color adds a beautiful hue to your hair without the damage, chemicals or commitment. Unlike the other waxes on the market our water based formula makes for an easy application, removal and clean up.

We’ve taken feedback from clients who have used other wax-based brands. Some of the feedback we received is that:
• the wax makes your hair hard
• the wax is really hard to wash off
• the wax stains are hard to get out

This formulation does not use dye, instead we use natural mica mineral pigment that is found in make up. We use it in powder form making cleanup super easy. We will be posting videos on our Instagram page and YouTube account to show how easy and simple it is to use.

As far as staining, once this product dries on your hair, staining is less likely to happen. In the event of a stain, it will stain the same way makeup would stain and will wash away easily with soap and water.

Our product works well for kids & adults alike.

Directions: take a small amount, lightly rub in between your fingers and glide on to the desired area. For kinkier hair you can use the same method above and crunch it into your hair.

Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to see photos of customers using our products.