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Rustic Dough Bowl 3- wick Soy Candle

Rustic Dough Bowl 3- wick Soy Candle

We are offering these candles for a limited time only.

Our Rustic Dough Bowl 3-wick Soy Candles are the perfect addition to your home or office. Perfectly blended and infused with herbs and essential oils.

Our dough bowls are handmade with sustainable Spanish Oak wood from Mexico. After we receive it, we treat it with an eco-friendly flame retardant to prevent the wood from igniting.

These would make a beautiful centerpiece for the holidays. In addition to burning, these dough bowls can be reused as home decor once the candles burn out.

Oak is known throughout history to represent strength, knowledge, justice & longevity since some oak trees have lived to be over 500 years old. In the metaphysical world oak is used for protection, healing & fertility.

We are currently offering 3 variations of this candle. Each has a unique luxurious scent with a delightful scent throw that will fill your home.

• Secret Garden
• Citrus Crème
• Cleaning Day

Each dough bowl will burn for approximately 24-36 hours.

General precautionary measures should still be taken while burning. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Enjoy! 🪔