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Premium Rose Liquid African Black Soap

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Premium Rose Liquid African Black Soap

This luxurious blend of natural botanicals is loaded with Anti-Aging properties, Antioxidants, Skin Regenerative properties and so much more!

Everything you need for toning, healing scars & wrinkle reduction all in one.

Imported African Black Soap from Ghana, tightens, tones and gets rid of acne and other skin conditions.

This blend boasts some of the finest essential oils on the market.

Why Rose & Roman Chamomile?

Rose and Roman Chamomile essential oils are considered more valuable not only because of their vast healing properties, but because it takes a lot of herbs to produce small but powerful amounts of essential oil, contributing to the hefty costs of these fine commodities.

The Rose essential oil was imported by me when I went to Kemet (Egypt) a few years ago. It is made with Egyptian roses and the technique used to make it hasn’t changed since ancient times! How incredible is that?!

This makes an excellent facial wash, however it works great from head to toe and especially sensitive areas.

All ingredients are
All natural
GMO Free
Fair Trade
Cruelty Free

Suggestion: When using any product that focuses on toning and tightening the skin, (especially with dry skin) you should always have a heavy cream to follow up with to prevent your skin from feeling dry. For best results follow up with our Harry’s Wet Cream Elixir.