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Made With Love Oils - Hair Repair Serum

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Made With Love Oils - Hair Repair Serum
With 18 different carrier and essential oils perfectly mixed in beautiful Amber glass bottles. This plant based formulation has ingredients known to help nourish the hair from the roots, promotes strong, healthy, thicker hair growth.

Great for edges and bald spots!

For hair growth in a specific area: take a dime sized amount and massage it in circular motions in the area you would like to see growth, do this daily.

For general hair growth and scalp nourishment: take a small amount and massage it into the scalp whenever the scalp feels or appears dry.

To use as an hot oil treatment: after you wash your hair, massage our Hair Growth Serum to your scalp, use a conditioning cap or a plastic bag to trap your body heat. The heat will open up the pores in the scalp and allow the oils to penetrate deep in the scalp for maximum efficiency.

-Makes a great hot oil treatment
-Great for oiling and massaging scalp
-Great for added sheen on any hair type or style
-Great for male facial hair

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Dropper tops are available upon request and if available

Ingredients include:
Jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, moringa oil and more…