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Happy Home Plant-Based Household Cleaner

Happy Home Plant-Based Household Cleaner

Our Happy Home Household Cleaner is a must-have for every household. This organic and eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner is made with natural ingredients and essential oils that have been proven to effectively tackle even the toughest of messes.

With its powerful disinfectant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, this cleaner can help to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses from your home, keeping you and your family safe and healthy. It's also an excellent deodorizer, odor eliminator, and insect repellent, making it the perfect solution for keeping your home smelling fresh and free from pests.

Our Happy Home Household Cleaner is safe for everyone to use, including households with small children, pets, and those with respiratory issues. Unlike many chemical-based cleaners on the market, our cleaner is free from harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory problems, asthma, and even certain cancers.

This cleaner comes in a convenient easy-to-hold spray bottle with adjustable spray levels, making it easy to apply directly to any surface. You can use it on your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, halls, and more, and you can even add it to your mop water for a deep cleaning experience.

Go green today and switch to our amazing Happy Home Household Cleaner. Transform your home into a naturally clean and happy environment with the power of essential oils and natural ingredients.

Here are some of the properties of this amazing cleaner:

•disinfectant (tea tree, peppermint, orange)
•antibacterial (pine, tea tree)
•deodorizing (tangerine)
•insect repellent (peppermint, tea tree)
•anti fungal (tea tree, peppermint)
•odor eliminator (peppermint, tea tree)
•antiviral (tea tree)
•degreaser (orange)