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Happy Home Plant-Based Household Cleaner

Happy Home Plant-Based Household Cleaner

This organic Eco•Friendly all purpose cleaner is the only product you will need for your home. Its has proven effective essential oils that can tackle the worst of messes.

Take on your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, halls and more with natures finest cleansers. You can also pour some in your mop water. Just using his will naturally help keep rodents and insects away!

This cleaner comes in a convenient easy to hold spray bottle with 2 adjustable spray levels for more or less pressure and an off option.

This cleaner is recommended for everyone. However we strongly recommend for use in households with small children, pets and anyone with respiratory issues. Why, you ask? Most cleaners on the market are full of deadly chemicals that are constantly inhaled causing respiratory issues, asthma, and even certain cancers. Why take the chance? Go green today! Happy Home Household Cleaner is here for you. Live naturally and happily

Here are some of the properties of this amazing cleaner:

•disinfectant (tea tree, peppermint, orange)
•antibacterial (pine, tea tree)
•deodorizing (tangerine)
•insect repellent (peppermint, tea tree)
•anti fungal (tea tree, peppermint)
•odor eliminator (peppermint, tea tree)
•antiviral (tea tree)
•degreaser (orange)

Ingredients: organic Castile soap (derived from olive oil), distilled water, peppermint essential oil, pine essential oil, orange essential oil, tea tree essential oils, tangerine essential oil, natural fragrance