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Bug Repellent & Anti-Itch Spray

Bug Repellent & Anti-Itch Spray

Our Bug Repellent Spray provides all the protection you need from pesky mosquitoes and other biting insects. This specially formulated blend of essential oils effectively repels bugs away from your skin and contains ingredients that soothe inflammation and irritation from itchy bites.

It is perfect for outdoor activities such as days in the park, beach, camping or any outdoor/indoor event. The product is powered by essential oils and provides long-lasting protection against insects.

To use the product, spray it in the palm of your hands and apply it directly to the skin. It is recommended to apply it every 4-5 hours while outdoors. As the formula is oil-based, it should not be sprayed directly on clothes.

Each bottle contains 2 fl. oz / 60mL of product.

Overall, our Bug Repellent Spray is an excellent product for individuals looking for an all-natural solution to repel bugs and protect their skin while enjoying outdoor activities.