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Diane Carter, a natural lifestyle enthusiast born and raised in Brooklyn. Dedicated to providing high quality natural products. Diane is known to lecture friends and family on being healthy inside and out. She defines optimum health as not only what you put in your body but what you put on your body as well. Her interest with natural started when she began to research  the affects that products with toxic chemicals can have on people and pets over time. Startled and disgusted by what she discovered, she started to discard products she owned and converted to using all natural products for her hair, skin and household. She started to venture out into making natural hair and skin care. Friends started to notice the changes and would ask how much it would cost if she made some of her creations and the rest is history. Diane takes great pride in keeping her carbon footprint low by using ingredients already imported  in local shops in NYC. Creative being her self-given middle name, she enjoys making her own marketing materials from home, including labels for each product,  business cards, brochures, designing her own app, and this website! We also donate 20% of all proceeds will go to an organization called CoYOUnity. CoYOUnity is an organization that focuses on rewarding children for learning different skills. For more information on this organization please visit


Having a store fron is on the execution list, until then you may find Diane at many vending events in NYC.