Lavender Bud Dead Sea Salt Scrub


This scrub is especially formulated to remove unwanted dead skin from your body's toughest parts. Try it on dry rough feet, dry cracked hands, elbows and knees. It will gently exfoliate and remove layers of dead skin.

Great for getting rid of callous on hands and feet

Dead Sea Salt is imported from Israel with properties known to treat arthritis, eczema and muscle pain.
With moisturizing and skin repairing oils such as sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil just to name a few, this will rejuvenate your rough dry skin into a healthy glow. This blend also has geranium essential oil which has pain relief properties. Rub some Dead Sea Salt on tired aching hands and feet for relief. This blend also has lavender buds for extra relief and works to relieve dry skin. For optimum feel, use our moisturizing hand cream to moisturize hands afterwards.

4 oz