Hibiscus & Chamomile Brown Sugar Scrub


This moisturizing scrub will leave you feeling smoother than a baby's bottom!
Hibiscus, also known as the botox plant is highly emollient and is known to smooth wrinkles.
Argan oil makes your skin soft and clears up blemishes.
Jojoba oil helps treat skin infections
Chamomile tea has antioxidants that fight acne breakouts and eliminate scars.
Why sugar? Sugar is a natural alpha-hydroxy which gently sloughs off dead skin cells, promote new cell growth, helps smooth rough dry skin, improve the texture of sun damaged skin, and retain skin moisture.

In this blend every ingredient has a purpose to make your skin youthful and vibrant!

To use: Using a pea sized amount rub gently on face or any part of the body.
*Note that the sugar will not dissolve on your skin so don't rub it excessively waiting for that to happen*
Rinse with warm water. You will notice your skin feeling smooth to the touch.